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JASN Inspire Career Fair - May 4, 2021

JA Inspire Virtual is more than a career fair. It brings together the Nevada business community and schools to help launch middle school students into their future — high school, college, and careers beyond. The program consists of three segments: (1) pre-event curriculum that may be completed by students using the self-guided curriculum, (2) virtual career expo experience, and (3) post-event debrief.

Within the virtual experience, students attend webinars and presentations, explore career booths, and interact with career speakers. The experience can be configured in a variety of ways, depending on JA Area and statewide school district preferences.


  • Is part of the JA Work and Career Readiness Pathway
  • Is a fully online, self-guided learning experience following completion of the JA Inspire curriculum
  • Requires a digital device for each participating student
  • Provides an online, interactive alternative for students who are unable to attend an on-site event
  • Can be used as an optional enhancement for students who attend an on-site face-to-face event


  • Accessible from any device.
  • No downloads required.
  • Visually rich virtual environment that mimics the dynamics of a physical live event, including a virtual lobby, information booth, auditorium for presentations, and halls with booths and sponsors.
  • Students can revisit the virtual event for 3 months following the live event.
  • Materials can be saved to a virtual briefcase and emailed to students or to parents post event.


The JA Inspire self-guided curriculum’s implementation is flexible, based on educator and JA Area preferences. Content is a combination of narrated, interactive screencasts and fillable PDF student activity pages, presented in short, bite-sized components for ease of student consumption. Each session includes two modules.

Session One: Find Your Path - Why Plan a Career? and Inventory Your Interests. Students understand the importance of career planning and assess their personal interests in the context of career paths.

Session Two: Explore Your Options - Career Clusters and Where Do You Fit?  Students learn to recognize career clusters that match their skills and interests and identify industries and jobs that offer potential opportunities.

Session Three: Present Yourself - Soft Skills and The Elevator Pitch.  Students assess their soft skills and identify any areas needing improvement. They also create an elevator pitch to help communicate their areas of interest.

Session Four: What to Expect at the JA Inspire Day - Set Your Priorities and Plan for the Big Day.  Students set JA Inspire day goals related to personal skills and interests and identify relevant companies they want to explore at the event.

Session Five: Build Your Network - What Is Networking? and Ask the Right Questions.  Students begin to understand the elements and importance of networking. They also prepare questions for businesspeople they will meet in their field(s) of interest.

Session Six: Make a Plan - Re-Evaluate and Next Steps.  Following the JA Inspire event, students evaluate personal goals and priorities to identify next steps, including exploration of high school coursework, extracurricular activities, and networking.

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For more information about the JA Inspire program, visit the JA Inspire program page.

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